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Summer is right around the corner.

If you’re tired of the restrictive diet/exercise based challenges that offer little sustainability, perhaps it’s time to work smarter not harder.


Do you feel gross and bloaty?  Did you have one (or ten) too many cookies over the holidays?  Maybe knocked back a few more than was completely necessary?  Has it been a minute since you broke a sweat? (Meat sweats don't count!)

Happens to the best of us... in fact, it's good for the soul to overdo it sometimes!  Don’t worry - we’ll get you back on the right track.

The Holistic Savage 30-Day Challenge is the reset button you need to de-bloat, get that beach bod’, center your soul, and tackle 2019 from a place of strength, motivation, and self-love for your best year yet.

Program Outline


Week 1 - Diet Detox and Mindfulness

  1. Holistic Savage Action Guide

  2. Initial Intake Forms

  3. Invitation to private Facebook Group

  4. Free Bonus: Gluten Free Diet Sheet

  5. Free Bonus: General Healing Diet Sheet

  6. Free Bonus: EWG Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen Guides

Week 2 - Rest and Exercise

  1. Holistic Savage Action Guide

  2. Free Bonus: Power of Sleep Guide

  3. Free Bonus: At-Home Workout Guide

Week 3 - Toxin Reduction

  1. Holistic Savage Action Guide

  2. Free Bonus: EWG Healthy Cleaning Tips

  3. Free Bonus: EWG Healthy Home Checklist

Week 4 - Stress Management and Digging Deeper

  1. Holistic Savage Action Guide

  2. Post-Challenge Intake Forms

  3. Stress and Functional Labs Video


De-puff, feel better, get toned, fix your mindset, and set yourself up for a productive and healthy 2019!

Unleash your inner Holistic Savage!

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Make this year count - take the steps to be your best self and take your health into your own hands!