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Our goal is simple: To provide clients with the Metabolic Solutions needed to obtain the quality of health and life they deserve.

We live in a world in which we have the technology to be connected to any person, or source of information at any given time.  Yet we have never been more disconnected.  Disconnected from one another as we mindlessly scroll through social media on our smart phones.  Disconnected from our natural environment as we sit under artificial lighting, breathing in air riddled with the chemicals of the building materials that enclose us.  Disconnected from our natural food sources which have fueled our evolution for millions of years as we take another bite of our trans-saturated, high fructose, artificially flavored, preservative fresh “meal replacement bar”.  Disconnected from the very thing that drives our survival, the need to move! 

In a world where we have constant access to an endless library of information, an abundance of chemically modified food like material within arm’s length, and a gargantuan system that is supposed to “lead us to health”, things like movement, breathing fresh air, sunlight exposure, and eating real food from the earth have all become optional. 

The Problem is that most individuals turn to "diet and exercise" when they are trying to get healthier and at the same time we are taught to rely on medications to be well and control our health.  Medications (although necessary in disease states) often are prescribed to suppress symptoms and cover up the problem.  Symptoms, although common, are not normal and are simply a manifestation of underlying Metabolic Dysfunction.  Without investigating the underlying dysfunction and addressing it with key lifestyle, diet, and therapeutic supplementation, it goes unopposed and symptoms are merely suppressed artificially with pharmaceuticals.  This can often make the problem worse and increase the risk of developing chronic disease long term.  The top modern day killers are mostly lifestyle induced conditions.  Although improving nutrition and activity are crucial steps towards optimal health, most individuals already have varying degrees of metabolic dysfunction and need a Functional Approach to address the root cause.  Our Functional Lab Testing Program is specifically designed to bridge this gap between "general health coaching" and "reacting to disease with surgery and drugs".  This program works excellently in conjunction with any health/fitness efforts already being taken AND any medical treatment/oversight. 


At METABOLIC SOLUTIONS we strive to bridge the gap between the nutrition & fitness industry and medical community by delivering a dynamic and versatile multi-modality service that can address all aspects of health, fitness, and wellness!  By combining an evidence based, investigative approach to your body, with effective mindfulness and behavior modifying coaching methods we are able to help individuals reach their health and fitness goals in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible!

Vision: To enable every individual to gain sustainable control over their health and fitness by teaching them the tools they will need to understand and recognize their body’s needs while developing a healthy mindset towards their lifestyle, exercise, and food choices in order to develop healthy habits for a lifetime of success and longevity!

Mission: To create a comprehensive, all encompassing, and sustainable program for each individual that caters to their unique physiological and psychological needs in order to guide them to the results they desire in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible for life long optimal health!

Brendan Vermeire

Meet the Practitioner. Founder and Owner of Metabolic Solutions LLC, Brendan Dean Vermeire.

I have always been an extremely motivated individual and grew up active in martial arts and wrestling among dabbling in other activities.  At a young age I realized the importance of fitness and nutrition. I felt empowered by the idea that I had control over my health and physique.  After finishing my high school wrestling days I enlisted in the United States Navy for the prestigious SEAL program.  Unfortunately my SEAL aspirations were cut short due to an inguinal hernia that lead to a medical discharge.  I then transitioned into competitive bodybuilding and started personal training and nutrition coaching at the age of 19.  When I started in the industry I had the pleasure of working with experienced professionals with a vast array of backgrounds and education.  I was fortunate enough to gain exposure to many modalities and areas of science.  Being an extremely motivated individual, that exposure has set me on a path to learning as much as I can to optimize human health, happiness, and performance.  There is nothing more rewarding to me than being able to help individuals attain a level of wellness they never thought possible.  So I welcome you to METABOLIC SOLUTIONS, my personal business dedicated to helping individuals make the most out of the one life we are given by presenting unbiased information and being your personal partner in health!  

Aside from running my private practice, Metabolic Solutions LLC, I also have the utmost privilege to work for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, a true industry leader in Functional Health Education.  I love being able to help advance the industry to a greater degree by training the next generation of practitioners and contributing to the growth of our brand and the pursuit of our mission!  I work for FDN as a Course Mentor, Clinical Advisor, and am also the Director of the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners! 

What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®?

"Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a methodology used to build and maintain health.  We have no interest in diagnosing or treating disease.  Instead, we investigate underlying causes of unwanted conditions including lifestyle, the environment and individual weak links in metabolism.  We are very interested in dysfunction and imbalances within the hormone, immune, digestion and detoxification systems and the application of all-natural protocols that work non-specifically.  By coaching up function in these areas we find many symptoms and diseases simply disappear over time as health and normal function are restored.  

The D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® protocols have an effect on each cell, tissue, organ and system (the entire organism), strengthening weak links in metabolism and restoring healthy function.  In thousands of cases we've proven that general principles of health building can outperform specific treatments.  In other words, by treating nothing specifically and everything non-specifically we can reasonably expect an unwanted health condition to improve, or even go away completely, as long as the downward spiral of the disease-process is not so contracted that observations we make cannot be capitalized upon.  

The concept of non-specific treatment is well-established in the alternative health space and standard medicine acknowledges the many benefits.  Forgetting or ignoring the ideal of non-specific treatment often leads to searching for anecdotes about specific conditions,  especially in resistant cases when the principles of health building have not been applied for long enough or earnestly enough to have the desired effects.  

A clue that you are headed down this frustrating road is when you find yourself asking "Has anyone ever had a client with XYZ condition" for any reason other than curiosity or camaraderie.  There is nothing wrong with asking the question as long as you remember a.) you are not treating that condition, and b.) there is no way to know if the anecdotal solution will work for your client.  And that may be the crux of the matter.  

The reason general principles of health building outperform specific treatments is partly due to the biochemical individuality of the people we are trying to help.  Each person has a different history, inborn and acquired weak links in metabolism, dysfunctions, imbalances, deficiencies, stressors, environment, point-of-view and so on.  What worked for one person may not work for the next and, indeed, may make a third person worse!  By staying true to our health building principles and trusting the outcome to strict application of them, we can help 100% of the people we work with, regardless of the unwanted health condition." ~ Reed Davis, Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®



Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®- Certified FDN Practitioner, Mentor, Clinical Advisor, and Director of the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners

Metabolic Healing Practitioner

Neurogistics- Certified Neurogistics Practitioner

Precision Nutrition- Level 2 Master Nutrition Coach

Metabolic Effect-Level 3 Hormonal Nutrition Coach

National Academy of Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Trainer

USA Weightlifting- Certified Weightlifting and Sports Performance Coach

LIFETIME University- Certified Metabolic Technician

CrossFit - Level 1 Trainer

Advanced Clinical Training courses completed:

Seeking Health Educational Institute- Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics Course One

Seeking Health Educational Institute- Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics Course Two

Pomeroy Institute for Functional Nutrition- Thyroid Dysfunction

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Advanced- Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Advanced- Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Advanced- HPA Axis Function & Hormone Metabolite Assessment and Correction

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Advanced- Oxalate Metabolism

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Advanced- Thyroid Dysfunction

Metabolic Healing- Mastering Functional Lab Test Analysis

Metabolic Healing- Insulin Resistance Mastery Course

Metabolic Healing- Functional and Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s Gluten University- Certified Gluten Practitioner

Metabolic Healing- RCCX & Complex Illness

Metabolic Healing - MTHFR, Methylation, and Estrogen Biochemistry

ElectroSmog RX - Nicolas Pineault’s course on EMF for Functional Practitioners