Are you one Genetically Bad MTHFR?!

Here’s what you need to know:

-Methylation has become a hot topic in the functional health world with both good and bad information being presented everywhere.

-Methylation is just one of limitless biochemical pathways that can be influenced by lifestyle and diet.

-Although methylation can’t be fully controlled, we do now have plenty of evidence on how to positively influence it.

-Genetic and lifestyle factors can inhibit your ability to methylate in the body.

-Being a key feature of many crucial biochemical processes, impaired methylation can severely impair health, fertility, detox, neurotransmitter balance, DNA repair and much more.

-We all have genetic variations, some significant, some not.  Genetics may load the gun, but environment and lifestyle pull the trigger. 

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Control your Brain. Control your Health.

We all know the brain is the master control center of the human body, so it only makes sense that brain activity and chemistry is one of the most powerful factors on overall health.  I think what fires me up so much about this topic is the fact that WE HAVE A LOT MORE CONTROL OVER IT THAN MOST REALIZE! Also, with psychiatric medications being dispensed like Halloween candy and a society that centers around stimulation and quick fixes…we’ve found ourselves in a mental health crisis.

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