Brendan Vermeire

I have always been an extremely motivated individual and grew up active in martial arts and wrestling among dabbling in other activities.  At a young age I realized the importance of fitness and nutrition. I felt empowered by the idea that I had control over my health and physique.  After finishing my high school wrestling days I enlisted in the United States Navy for the prestigious SEAL program.  Unfortunately my SEAL aspirations were cut short due to an inguinal hernia that lead to a medical discharge.  I then transitioned into competitive bodybuilding and started personal training and nutrition coaching at the age of 19.  When I started in the industry I had the pleasure of working with experienced professionals with a vast array of backgrounds and education.  I was fortunate enough to gain exposure to many modalities and areas of science.  Being an extremely motivated individual, that exposure has set me on a path to learning as much as I can to optimize human health, happiness, and performance.  There is nothing more rewarding to me than being able to help individuals attain a level of wellness they never thought possible.  So I welcome you to METABOLIC SOLUTIONS, my personal business dedicated to helping individuals make the most out of the one life we are given by presenting unbiased information and being your personal partner in health!  

Aside from running my private practice, Metabolic Solutions LLC, I also have the utmost privilege to work for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, a true industry leader in Functional Health Education.  I love being able to help advance the industry to a greater degree by training the next generation of practitioners and contributing to the growth of our brand and the pursuit of our mission!  I work for FDN as a Course Mentor, Clinical Advisor, and am also the Director of the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners! 


Terra K. Vitiello, FDN-P

Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology

Integrative and Functional Health Practitioner & Coach

Terra Vitiello is a holistic and functional health practitioner and coach who has been helping her clients, students, and mentees overcome their chronic health conditions for over 20 years.


Have you been seen by expert after expert only to find that you have satisfied your deductible instead of your desire for answers, understanding, and a symptom-free life? This lady can relate! Meet Terra Vitiello, she's definitely been there, done that. Terra knows exactly how difficult it can be to navigate through life with daunting symptoms plaguing every part of your existence. In fact, Terra describes her personal healing journey as lonely, hopeless, frustrating, and depressing. Her own health challenges are what ignited her fire to help individuals identify the root cause behind their chronic symptoms and replace their confusion, frustration, and hopelessness with understanding, healing, and renewed vitality.


At age 20, Terra was diagnosed with PCOS (a hormone condition) and for years her condition progressively got worse instead of better until she began to explore alternative healing methods, AKA root cause healing methods, more commonly referred to as "integrative" and/or "functional" healthcare. This discovery was the game-changing missing link necessary for Terra to uncover the metabolic imbalances and dysfunction that were at the root of her own symptoms as well as her client's.


Terra understands that your symptoms are not the problem, rather, they are the RESULT of the problem so you won’t find her chasing your symptoms. Better yet, when you team up with Terra you'll find her doing the detective work necessary to discover the symptom-causing dysfunctions and imbalances within and between your body systems.  


Kelly Fischer

I'm Coach Kelly! I'm a wife of almost 12 years, a mom to two boys and a girl, and a shameless foodie! ;)

I hail from Iowa (Go Cyclones!), but have moved around quite a bit for my husband's job. We currently live in the Kansas City Metro area and are loving all that life in the big city has to offer! I love trying new restaurants--especially if they are locally owned and offer fresh, locally grown food!

I enjoy staying active with my family, whether it's an evening walk or bike ride, an afternoon hike, or a family soccer game in the backyard!

My natural/holistic journey began when I was pregnant with my first baby 10 years ago and I have continued on that path ever since.

I have learned a lot along the way and continue to learn more every day. I am passionate about getting toxins out of our homes, our homecare products, our skincare and body products and most importantly out of our food. I love cooking and creating with fresh, local, wholesome ingredients to fuel and nourish our bodies. And I love teaching others about it too...including kids, so they can make healthy choices on their own because they are equipped with knowledge about food and nutrition.

I recently got my nutrition certification and look forward to playing a supporting role in your pursuit of health and wellness!