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-Are you experiencing symptoms that are lowering your quality of health and life?

-Have you been told "everything looks normal" by a physician, but you don't feel normal?

-Have you been Dr. Google to try to find answers?

-Do you suspect something is off internally in your metabolic function?

-Have you been trying to make healthy changes with little success to show for it?

-Are you struggling to lose weight or improve how you feel?

-Are you fed up and ready to feel better?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, please continue to learn how this program can turn your life and health around!

My professional mission is to help as many people take back their health and achieve optimal wellness as possible.  I do this by working with clients privately 1:1, creating cutting edge self-healing programs, and also by mentoring practitioners around the world on how to best serve our society!  I believe that in order to get the most out of life, you must achieve vibrant and optimal health!  This will allow you to reach your full potential and achieve all of your goals and dreams in the best manner possible, all the while experiencing a quality of life that unfortunately, many do not have.

We are in the midst of a healthcare revolution, as what is truly a lifestyle epidemic, is solely being treated with drugs and surgery by our medical system.  This has led many frustrated patients and individuals to seek out Functional Practitioners that specialize in getting to the root cause of their ailments and using a holistic lifestyle approach to facilitate true metabolic healing!  As fantastic as Functional modalities are, many functional practitioners have made their services overly exclusive by demanding steep financial and time commitments in order to acquire assistance.  I have also seen first hand that many practitioners get into a bad habit of running a plethora of expensive lab testing that overwhelms the client with information they don’t understand.  Often too, Functional Medicine Practitioners won’t thoroughly correlate the test results with the person and their health journey and will simply recommend a pile of supplements to treat the test results.  I have seen how ineffective this approach can be and strive to be a practitioner that does it a better way!  Our population is in desperate need of this type of information, so I strongly believe it is a disservice to society if practitioners are making their services overly exclusive and impractical in this manner. 

After years of experience and helping hundreds of individuals overcome some of their greatest health and weight loss challenges, I have seen many of the same patterns of metabolic dysfunction time and time again.  This has inspired me to create a series of DIY Functional Healing Protocols that are specifically designed to help many individuals begin to heal some of the common metabolic disturbances that are impairing their health and quality of life!  These protocols are based on hundreds of client cases, lab test results, and success stories, and are based on the best science currently available! 

As you begin your DIY protocol, you must keep in mind that everyone has different needs and has different tolerances.  Although I see many common patterns of health complaints and metabolic dysfunction, and although many of the same strategies work wonders for the majority of similar cases, we must understand that because everyone is slightly different, we can’t expect the same results or outcome from person to person.  I have created these protocols as a way to provide expert functional guidance to more people, at a lower price point than working one-on-one with a practitioner.  With that said, if the specific program you participate in does not have the desired effects and results, I would HIGHLY recommend considering working with me, or another qualified practitioner privately to address your specific and unique needs! 


I am not a licensed physician and do not pretend to be.  If you have concerns about your medical needs, please consult with your physician.  None of my products or services are intended for the treatment, management, or prevention of any medical condition. 

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