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Are you a Health, Fitness, and/or Nutrition Professional that would like to be able to provide your clients with Functional Lab Testing and Clinical Grade Therapeutic Supplements? 

My professional goal is to help as many people reach optimal health and achieve the highest quality of life possible!  Over the course of my career I have done this by personal training, fitness coaching, nutrition coaching, health coaching, teaching seminars, producing a plethora of free content online, working with clients privately in my private practice, creating advanced DIY protocols, mentoring up and coming practitioners in training, clinical advising Functional Practitioners, directing professional practitioner associations, and more!  I could not be more passionate about what I do!  With that said, I am now at a place in my career where I am limited in how many people I can work with 1:1 due to time constraints.  I do NOT want to be limited in my positive reach and have decided to open up my services for Professional Affiliation!  There are thousands of great personal trainers, nutrition coaches, and health coaches out there that are changing lives every day!  However, with the extensive experience I have within the industry I also recognize some of the pitfalls when it comes to being able to provide clients with valuable insight into their metabolism or providing Clinical Grade Therapeutic supplements.  Many great professionals do not have access to such testing or supplements for themselves or their clients.  This often leads them to turn to what I would call “bro science brands” of products.  Considering my very first job was working for a major supplement retailer, and with my extensive industry experience, I feel I am qualified to point out that there are many low-grade products on the market that are greatly pushed at consumers desperate for instant gratification and results.  You know what I’m talking about….

Health and Fitness Pros are eager to have access to affordable supplements themselves and be able to profit off providing their clients with quality product.  Unfortunately, without being a Functional Practitioner or having a medical license, there really aren’t many good options at all.  Of course too, with the lack of quality regulations in the general supplement industry and with many “bro science brands” offering discounts to trainers and health coaches as “ambassadors”, the result is a market saturated in low grade products that can at times do more harm than good.

Clinical Grade Products have quality assurance certifications and are third party verified.  Do you ever see trainers pushing clinical grade brands (such as Thorne Research, Douglas Labs, Seeking Health, Pure Encapsulations etc.) on social media?  Probably not.  Do you see them pushing “bro science brands” and using hashtags to promote themselves as an ambassador of such brand?  Probably.

Unfortunately, unless you have studied supplement biochemistry extensively, it is very difficult to know what to look for in supplements.  What chemical form of vitamin b9 should you use?  What strains of probiotic are appropriate for any given client?  Etc.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.  It’s a mess and all the while clients are often wasting money on low grade supplements with false promises.  I intend to do my part to help fix this by providing Professional Affiliates with the ability to acquire Functional Lab Testing and Clinical Grade Products through me. 

Functional Lab Test Menu:

-Steroid Hormone Testing (adrenal and sex hormones)

-Thyroid Testing (comprehensive panel; not just TSH and T4)

-Food Sensitivity Testing

-Neurotransmitter Testing 

-Heavy Metal Testing

-GI Pathogen Testing

-Leaky Gut Testing

-Blood Chemistry

and many more...


Clinical Grade Supplement Menu:

-Thorne Research

-Seeking Health

-Pure Encapsulations


-Douglas Labs

-Designs for Health

-Microbiome Labs

and many more...

The logistics and details are included in my terms of agreement document which I will provide to you upon request by completing the form below.

I am not a licensed physician and do not pretend to be.  If you have concerns about your medical needs, please consult with your physician.  None of my products or services are intended for the treatment, management, or prevention of any medical condition. 

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