Typically the first thing a Physician will order to "check up" on your current state of health is a complete blood chemistry panel that may include any and/or all of the following:

-CBC (complete blood count)

-CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel)

-Lipid panel (cholesterol, lipoproteins)

-Hormone Markers (TSH, T4, Testosterone, Estradiol)

-Additional Markers (Vitamin D, Homocysteine, B12, ferritin, CRP etc.)

A comprehensive panel that looks at such markers is a quick way for Physicians to look at many different areas of your biochemistry. 

However, unless something is severely out of range, a patient will often be told "everything looks normal" or "everything is within range".  We must keep in mind that these reference ranges are to identify medical disease and when medical intervention is necessary.  These reference ranges are based on what is "normal" for the given population.  Unfortunately our population is not the best example of vibrant or optimal health.  Just as "not being physically injured" is not the same as "being physically fit", having "within reference range" biochemical markers is not the same as being within an optimal range for vibrant health.

With our Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis program, you can submit a copy of recent lab work you have to get an in depth analysis of what the results mean from a Functional Health perspective.

What you receive:

-a report of your metrics and where they fall in relation to OPTIMAL HEALTH ranges

-an explanation of what each out of range metric is

-a summary of what patterns your test reveals in relation to your major health complaints and/or symptoms

-recommendations for functional laboratory testing for further investigation into your health

-Lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and supplementation recommendations to improve your health and metrics

Whether you simply want to gain a deeper understanding of your test results, or are wanting help in investigating your major health complaints, the Functional Blood Chemistry analysis can be used as a stand alone service, or initial investigation for our Holistic Healing and Functional Laboratory Testing Program!

*Please note:  We recommend using test results no older than 3 months.  If you do not have up to date lab results to work with, we can order new panels for you!

*This program is NOT a substitute for medical care.  No recommendations in this, or any other program offered, are for the treatment, management, or prevention of any medically recognized condition.  All clients are encouraged to meet with their physician prior to engaging in any lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, or supplementation changes, and for any other concerns.

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