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Control your Brain. Control your Health.

We all know the brain is the master control center of the human body, so it only makes sense that brain activity and chemistry is one of the most powerful factors on overall health.  I think what fires me up so much about this topic is the fact that WE HAVE A LOT MORE CONTROL OVER IT THAN MOST REALIZE! Also, with psychiatric medications being dispensed like Halloween candy and a society that centers around stimulation and quick fixes…we’ve found ourselves in a mental health crisis.

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Your Personality isn't Random

Ya’ know when I was writing this article I almost titled it “Your Personality isn’t Unique”, but who would want to read that???  That’s just mean!  I assure you your personality is very unique.  You know, just like everyone else.  Kidding aside, although it may be unique, it probably isn’t as random as previously thought.  Now how your parents met might be completely random.  Such as if your mother was from Brooklyn and found herself stranded in the wilderness of Alaska and just so happened to stumble across your father in the freezing air while he happened to be setting the world record for longest amount of time spent in subzero temperatures…..nude……

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