What is the "Dopamine Dominant Pursuit of Health, Happiness,....and Muscle"?

When I first started getting serious about building my own website, I obviously began brain storming different ideas for content, design, structure, etc. that would capture who I am and what the website would be all about.  On the one hand you certainly want to develop material that will appeal to a wide variety of people.  On the other hand you should still have a focused demographic that you’re trying to draw in and not get too generic in trying to please everyone.  On the other, other hand that you’ve always wondered why you had until you started reading my articles on genetic mutations, you have to stay true to yourself.  Otherwise what’s the point?!  Hey, it’s alright, we’re all genetic mutants.  Nothing to be ashamed of! 

So as I was saying, in trying to come up with a catchy tag line for my website I eventually came up with “The Dopamine Dominant Pursuit of Health, Happiness,……and Muscle!”  Catchy yeah?????  “Go ahead and put that in your proverbial pipe….and smoke it!”(quote courtesy of my Freshman year English teacher).  That’s for sure a line to get a second date!  Somehow I got convinced that maybe it’s a bit too specific and odd for a title tag line, so I figured what the hell?!  It can be the name of my blog instead! 

So for any of you non neuroscience buffs, Dopamine is the main neurotransmitter associated with motivation and drive.  

Now I’ve never really felt I have many naturally inherited talents.  Growing up I never felt like I excelled at anything or stood out for my ability to “just get it” in any activity.  I won’t got into a long spiel on my childhood, but I wasn’t the most athletic.  I wasn’t the smartest.  I certainly wasn’t the tallest.  I don’t think I was the cutest, although my Mom might argue on that one.  Thanks Mom…….sighhhhh

BUT.  If there is one thing that I have always recognized about myself it is undoubtedly the drive and motivation to ACHIEVE BIG THINGS!  I don’t know where I got it (or at least I had always said that until I started studying nutrigenomics).  I don’t know why it is, but I know it is. 

I may not have stood out in the classroom, or on the playground, but as the years have gone by I have been recognized as a “driven individual”.  To the point that some might say describe it as “obsessive”, or “extreme”.  Well let’s be honest…..most people in my life would probably use those words hahaha.

It is this unquenchable drive of mine that has led me to where I am today!  It is what drove me to want to start seriously working out as a teenager to get buff and stuff.  It is what drove me to study every area of health science I can.  It is what drove me to spend an hour to write this article for your entertainment.  

At the end of the day though what are we all here for though?  What is it that we all want?  I mean I’m sure some odd ducklings might disagree, but I would think MOST OF US are wanting to get the most out of this strange life thing!  I think most people would probably prefer to feel good if not GREAT, all the time!  I think most would agree that they would want to look good if not DAMN FINE, all the time!  Am I right?!  Can I get a HELLZ YEAH!?

I can be a bit of a psycho hippie but I mean for realz!  As far as any of us really know, we only get one of these life things!  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty frickin’ motivated to make the most of it!  All of my adulthood thus far I have worked as a Health and Fitness Pro and helped clients improve their lives through exercise, nutrition, wellness etc.  I mean why the heck would people pay me for that if they didn’t want to get more out of life????  Why would I want to do that if I didn’t see value in it?! 

So although you’re not me, you might not be as freakishly motivated, or your motivation might make me look like a lethargic tree hugger, either way this blog is my intensely driven desire to get the most out of life and help those around me do the same.  That’s it!  Simple as that!  I don’t always understand you odd human folk, “not being from this planet sometimes I worry about you all”(quote courtesy of my MMA/Krav Maga coach).  I don’t always understand the world around me.  In fact I really don’t understand either most of the time!  But one thing I do understand is that life is a gift!  So here’s to THE DOPAMINE DOMINANT PURSUIT OF HEALTH, HAPPINESS,….AND MUSCLE!  Welcome aboard!  

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